After four years in prison in Turkey, Fabien Azoulay confides in his release in France

the essential At the microphone of BFM TV, Fabien Azoulay said he was “relieved” and “happy” to have found his relatives.

Three days after his release, Fabien Azoulay confided his relief in an interview broadcast Friday on BFMTV. He was sentenced to almost 14 in Turkey and then five years in Paris.

The 43 year-old man had been arrested in Instanbul in 2017 in possession of GBI, a solvent classified as “narcotic” and banned in Turkey, but listed in France only as “poisonous substance”. Ingested in small quantities, it can be used as a sexual stimulant.

Fabien Azoulay was accused of having bought a can of GBL on the Internet , delivered to his hotel while in Turkey to perform hair implants. He was unaware, according to his lawyers, that this product was banned in this country. “I bought a two-liter can – that was the minimum order quantity, for fun,” he justified on BFMTV.

Fabien Azoulay was then placed in detention for four years. He was allegedly the victim of violence during his detention, due, according to his lawyers, to his Jewish religion and his homosexuality. “An inmate assaulted me, who had arrived two days earlier in the cell. He threw a kettle of hot water on my body, face, shouting Allahu akbar . Clearly, someone told him I was Jewish or gay, “he said.

“I feel relieved, happy to be with my loved ones”

Today, “I feel much better than when I was imprisoned. I feel relieved, happy to be with my loved ones, my family, my friends, he said. I do not yet fully realize. C It’s like a soft landing. “

After an exchange between Macron and his Turkish counterpart Erdogan, on the sidelines of the NATO summit on 14 June, the transfer of the tourist had been obtained and he arrived in prison on 14 last August before being released on Tuesday due to a modified sentence.

From now on, for Fabien Azoulay, the objective is to “do everything” so that his name “is cleared of all accusations”. He feels he needs to “rebuild” himself, and “to try to appreciate the little things in life, the autumn leaves, the Parisian cold. It’s a rebirth for me. And at one point or another. to another, return home to New York. “

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