After Alec Baldwin's fatal shot, calls to ban guns on filming multiply

the essential Hit in the chest after the actuation by Alec Baldwin of a weapon used as an accessory in the film “Rust”, according to a preliminary investigation report, Halyna Hutchins had been transported by helicopter to a hospital in New Mexico, where he was pronounced dead.

Three days after the shooting of Alec Baldwin having fatally affected a director of photography on the set of a western in the United States, calls are multiplying this Sunday in Hollywood to ban the use of firearms on sets .

Hit in the torso after Alec Baldwin actuated a weapon used as a prop in the movie “Rust”, according to a preliminary investigation report, Halyna Hutchins was transported by helicopter to a hospital in New Mexico, where her death has been spoken.

A petition on the site , calling for a ban on live firearms on filming and for better working conditions for the teams, has already collected more than 15 000 signatures this Sunday.

“No excuse”

“There is no excuse for something like this to happen in the 21 th century,” says the text of the petition launched by Bandar Albuliwi, a screenwriter and director.

“There is an urgent need to address the problem of alarming (labor law) abuses and security breaches taking place on film sets, including unnecessary high-risk conditions, such as the use of weapons real fire, “also pleaded Saturday in a statement Dave Cortese, elected Democrat in the Senate of California. “I intend to vote on a bill that would ban live ammunition on filming in California, in order to prevent this type of senseless violence,” the elected official also said.

The successful detective series “The Rookie”, which takes place in Los Angeles, decided the day after the drama to ban all real weapons on its set, a measure effective immediately, according to the movie magazine The Hollywood Reporter .

“As of today, it is recorded on” The Rookie “that any shooting of a firearm on the set will be made with” air soft “weapons (dummy weapons, Editor’s note) with artificial flames coming out of the canon added in post-production, “series producer Alexi Hawley quoted by The Hollywood Reporter in a note to his teams.

” Cold “weapon

The investigation into the death of Halyna Hutchins continues meanwhile, with the role of movie armourer Hannah Gutierrez Reed, 24, coming under close scrutiny by the investigators. It was she who had prepared the gun with which the actor fired the fatal shot. She had placed it on a cart with two other weapons.

Assistant director Dave Halls, described as a seasoned professional, then handed this gun to Alec Baldwin during a rehearsal for a scene in the film, informing him that she was “cold”, that is. say not loaded with a real bullet in cinematic lingo. Dave Halls “didn’t know the gun was loaded with live ammunition,” said an agent from the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office.

After the shot, Hannah Gutierrez Reed was given the weapon and collected the used cartridge, before handing them over to the police when they arrived, the report says.

“It did not create a safe working environment”

Dave Halls, however, suffered from a negative reputation for allowing unsafe practices to take place on set, NBC News said on Sunday. “It did not create a safe working environment,” Maggie Goll, a props designer who worked with Dave Halls, told the news channel, notably citing the blocking of emergency exits or the lack of security meetings.

No prosecution has yet been announced in this case, but the accidental thesis seemed privileged. Alec Baldwin remained at large after being questioned.

A search warrant was issued by a judge on Friday, authorizing law enforcement to seize equipment related to the shooting as well as weapons and ammunition used as props, and clothing worn by the actor and the rest of the team during the drama.

Evidence of the emotion aroused, a fundraiser launched by the union of directors of photography and intended for the family of Halyna Hutchins exceeded Sunday morning 180 000 dollars, far from the original target of 000 000 dollars.

A vigil in homage to Halyna Hutchins is to take place on Sunday evening in Burbank, a city near Los Angeles nicknamed the “media capital of the world” because of the presence of many film and television studios.

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