Adele, the return of the boss of the charts

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(AFP) – Expectation aroused, cracks revealed, first record-breaking single: all the ingredients are there for the diva-popstar Adele to return to the top of the charts in front of the others big sellers, ABBA, Drake or Ed Sheeran, with his new album “25” which comes out Friday.

“His single + Easy on me + broke all records on Spotify with 18 million streams on the day of its release on 13 October and today (one month later) , this song is in more than 260 millions of streams, and there, I say to myself, + but it is possible that? + “, comments for AFP Nicolas du Roy, editorial director of Spotify.

Enough to anticipate the explosion on Friday, the day of the release of “25 “? “I’m not seeing, but considering what happened with the single, I do indeed expect quite extraordinary figures, his album is very well done, we like it or we don’t like it but the songs remain in the head “, continues this person in charge of the world leader in music streaming platforms.

What do we see that a megastar comes down to? The record company does not deliver CDs or upstream recording links to journalists, unlike most other artists. And the press is invited to a confidential listening session, to avoid any leaks.

There is nothing glamorous about the exercise: ten journalists around a meeting table standard, as at the Parisian headquarters of Columbia / Sony, with laptop left in the cloakroom in an envelope. And let’s go for 58 minutes of listening.

– “Transgenerational public” –

First observation, in “30 “(age she was when she started the album three years ago), not all tracks are calibrated on the model of” Easy on me “, single with vocal power (which makes its detractors bristle).

And unlike” 25 “, previous opus by 2015, the Londoner living in Los Angeles ventures into less classic formats.

If the strings of the violins are present on the first and last track “Strangers by nature” and “Love is a game”, “Cry your heart out” opens with a voice modulated in an electro style.

Two songs, “Can I get it”, with its whistling gimmick, and “Hold on”, a soulful bravery piece, will probably win the votes of the- beyond the circle of fans. The other titles will undoubtedly only satisfy the converts. Who are legion and should quickly give back her crown to the queen of the world music charts (45 millions of albums sold at 33 years).

“She is over 62 millions of listeners per month with us, unsurprisingly its audience is more female, at 58%, and 70% of listeners have between 18 and 34 years, it’s a fairly young audience, but more adult and more transgenerational than Billie Eilish for example “, decrypts Nicolas du Roy.

– “Anti-bling bling” –

“The question we ask ourselves is + Why Adele? +: Beyond well-written songs, she is anti-bling bling, with an image close to people, she doesn’t ‘does not seem to live on another planet, she has a life course with weight problems, sentimental setbacks, “continues the Spotify specialist.

The cha nteuse aux 15 Grammies, Oscar winner for the James Bond soundtrack “Skyfall”, has already entrusted over the course of interviews on the genesis of this disc therapy: to answer the many questions of her son Angelo, nine years old, on his recent divorce.

“A years, my life collapsed without warning, ”portrayed Adele in Vogue. “I have the impression that this album is self-destruction, then self-reflection and self-redemption”.

She says she has lost some 45 kilograms by becoming addicted to physical exercise. “It was never about losing weight, it was about getting strong and giving myself as much time as possible each day away from my phone.”

But the loopholes are never far away. “I have to prepare to be famous again, which as everyone knows I don’t like to be.”

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