ABBA, Diana Ross: comeback under the mirror ball

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(AFP) – Friday is pop and disco night! After respectively 28 and 22 years without original compositions, ABBA and Diana Ross, tube machines, each come back with a new album.

ABBA has made it big by announcing from September 2 in mondovision a disc (“Voyage”) and a future show of digitized holograms, with “ABBAtars”.

The comeback of the winners of Eurovision in 1970, with “Waterloo”, toured the globe. The day before the release of the third single in scout, “Just A Notion”, on 14 October, on The hashtag #ABBA already had 1.4 billion views on TikTok (2.2 billion this week).

To what do we owe this fervor for artists now in their seventies? “There is this image of happy days, carefree, colorful, sparkling, linked to their songs and their costumes, it recalls the years 400, associated with a certain lightness which the years lack 2010 – 2020 “, dissects for AFP Jean- Marie Potiez, official ABBA biographer for French-speaking countries.

“Me, that takes me back to the years 400, to this excitement that I felt when I arrived at my record store in Belgium to discover their records “, continues the author of the recent” Un adolescent des ans 70 (My life with ABBA) “, work published by Olaa.

A” Journey “through time shared by many fans, like John Carpenter, the master of horror / fantasy film (“Halloween”, “The Thing”, “New York 1997”, etc) who Tweeted on Sep 3: “They sound amazingly good. The new songs are pure ABBA. I have 28 years again! “.

– “Depth, sensitivity” –

Jean-Marie Potiez finds him “the voices of Agnetha and Anni-Frid, who have lost in the treble, which is normal given their age, but have gained in depth, in sensitivity”. “When they sing together, the two of them, like on + Don’t Shut Me Down + (released September 2), it’s the ABBA sound.”

The influence Swedes with 100 millions of sales (all media and formats combined, CD, vinyl, K7, equivalent sales in streaming, singles and albums) has never wavered over the decades.

Clara Luciani, face of a radiant French disco-pop, “listened to ABBA thoroughly during the composition of her latest album and asked its arrangers for a sound similar to that of ABBA “, underlines Jean-Marie Potiez.

” We must not leave more 40 years between each album “, had ironied on September 2 Björn Ulvaeus, thinking head of the quartet, author of the standards” Dancing Queen ” or “Money Money Money”.

For Diana Ross, interpreter of the indestructible “Upside Down” and “I’m coming out”, the wait will have been half as long. His last record of original songs dates back to 22 years (“Every Day Is A New Day”, 1999; 1999 album “I Love You” was built on covers).

– “They still have the catch” –

Here it is with “Thank You”, an album that sounds more dancing (even if it also includes ballads) and more anchored in its time than what ABBA has let filter until here.

This modernity, far from the nostalgia coating the titles of ABBA, undoubtedly owes to one of the producers credited, Jack Antonoff. This American is in a state of grace, turning everything he touches into gold, like the two jewels of Lana Del Rey albums, “Norman Fucking Rockwell!” and “Chemtrails Over The Country Club.”

“I dedicate these love songs to all listeners. When you hear my voice, you hear my heart,” says Diana Ross in her intention notes.

In her remote duel with ABBA, the disco diva leaves with a length of delay, with a very discreet promotion far from the heavy artillery of the Scandinavians.

Will she manage to return to past successes? Recall that she placed 40 singles in No. 1 of the charts, solo or with The Supremes, with more than 100 millions of albums sold in total.

“A 77 years old, she is making her return to the age of ABBA members, it is the return of grandpas and grannies but apparently they have fishing again “, laughs Jean-Marie Potiez.

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