A woman testifies of sexual assault against Zemmour: “He sticks his tongue in my mouth”

the essential In the program “Complément d’études” devoted to Eric Zemmour broadcast Thursday evening on France 2, a woman testified to a sexual assault of which she would have been the victim in 2005 while the polemicist was a journalist for Le Figaro.

Thursday evening, in the program “Complément d’études” broadcast on France 2, a woman came to testify anonymously about a sexual assault of which she would have been the victim in 2005 by Eric Zemmour, then journalist at Figaro.

The young woman claims to have been forcibly kissed after an interview in a cafe to evoke her wish to join the editorial staff of Figaro. “When I get up, he has paid for the coffees, and I say to him ‘Thank you very much for the coffee’. As he gets up, he says to me ‘Ah, but you will thank me differently’, and there he sticks his tongue at me. in the mouth. It’s unexpected, disgusting, filthy. We leave the cafe, and he starts again saying goodbye to me. “

” That’s how it is works in journalism “

She confides to have been recontacted “rather quickly” speaks polemicist, “to see each other, and more if affinities”. She would have firmly rejected his advances. “In a few words, he makes me understand that this is how it works in journalism, and that I will not achieve much if I do not bow to a little passage in his bed”, a- she declared.

These various accusations against the polemicist have not yet been the subject of complaints.

“No complaints, assertions … how do you respond to that? It is part of the obligatory attacks: sexism, racism, extremism … all this does not hold, in a moment of political campaign” replied the Eric Zemmour’s lawyer, Me Olivier Pardo.

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