A petition against the end of green waste collection

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This is nothing new: the pill sometimes has trouble passing. Since the announcement of the end of green waste collection by the mixed household waste collection and treatment union (Smectom), which will take place in November, many readers have expressed their disappointment. This time, it is a collective of Appamean citizens who decided to launch a petition against what they believe to be “a real regression of the public service and heavily penalizes many users”, we read on the text. published on the Unepetition.fr site which they sent to Florence Rouch, the president of the union.

A proposed moratorium

“To remedy this service , Smectom advises mulching, which many people already practice and proposes to make local shredders available to users. But this will in no way solve the problem of transporting this waste. in trailers or vehicles adapted for this transport? Or will he have to pay private companies to do the work? If so, it looks a lot like the rampant privatization of a public service. individuals is certainly not the most environmentally friendly solution. ”

Let us recall that this decision, which was not “easy” by Florence Rouch’s own admission, was taken in view of the colossal financial stakes which ensue from it. Moreover, not all citizens benefit from this service. But everyone pays for it. Finally, it should be noted that within the framework of the union committee to be held tomorrow, in Foix, the elected representatives of the Pamiers Citizen opposition group, Daniel Mémain and Michèle Goulier will put to the vote a motion requesting a moratorium on this decision.

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