Cause of Mount Polley tailings impoundment breach due by January 31, 2015

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Imperial MEtals stock rose 1.01% today.

Imperial Metals reports on the recovery efforts related to the August 4th tailings impoundment breach at its Mount Polley mine. The initial response and recovery phase has been substantially completed and crews have commenced rehabilitation and restoration activities.

Response and Recovery Phase

The initial response to the tailings impoundment breach included a program to secure the remaining tailings within the impoundment, reduce the water level in Polley Lake, and clean-up woody debris deposited in Quesnel Lake.

  1. Tailings Security: A rock berm was constructed upstream of the breach area to secure the remaining tailings. Additional rock berms were also placed inside the tailings impoundment to further secure the remaining tailings and establish sumps to collect water.
  2. Polley Lake Water Level Reduction: Approximately 6 million cubic metres of water flowed into Polley Lake from the breach and was trapped when the outlet to the lake was plugged. The resulting lake level was 1.7 metres higher than it had been prior to the breach. Eight pumps were installed to pump water out of Polley Lake, around the plug and into Hazeltine Creek through two pipelines. Polley Lake has now been returned to near pre-breach level and is now only pumped as required to maintain the level.
  3. Quesnel Lake Wood Recovery: The flow path of the water and tailings dislodged and deposited trees and bushes in Quesnel Lake, posing a navigational hazard. On August 4 a team was formed, led by local contractors working with two boom boats, a barge and four smaller support craft. Floating wood was secured, following which, crews began the cleanup of beached debris. The wood recovery cleanup is expected to be completed by mid-November.


BREAKING: Human remains found are those of missing Likely man

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RCMP confirm human remains are those of missing Likely man, Gary PriceOn September 19, 2014, the Williams Lake RCMP received a complaint of human remains found on a residential property in Likely, BC.

The North District Major Crime Unit (NDMCU) working in partnership with the BC Coroner Service has positively identified the found remains as Gary Price, who was 60 years old at the time of his disappearance.

Mr. Price has been the main focus of a missing person complaint since he was last seen on February 23rd, 2013.  His disappearance was treated as suspicious in nature.

Federal inmates working to give back benefit Cariboo-Chilcotin communities

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This afternoon, Sarah Jackman Executive Director at Punky Lake Wilderness Camp Society, met with inmates in Abbotsford prisons who have been creating small miracles for Chilcotin communities.

Punky Lake Wilderness Camp Society is an Aboriginal Not for Profit agency governed by a Board of seven Tsilhqo'tin and Southern Carrier Communities. The Society offers a variety of programs designed to address needs within these communities. One of the newest programs includes an exciting partnership with the Correctional Service of Canada entitled the 'Cariboo-Chilcotin Project'.

Punky Lake Wilderness Camp Society Work2Give program a huge success in the Cariboo-Chilcotin.

(Photo: Sharmon Alphonse, Joyce Cooper, Rhoda Petal, Samantha Dick, Bruce Baptiste, Brian Riding Jr., John Whitlock Sr., Brian Riding, Sarah Jackman, Gene Cooper helped unload the most recent shipment of furniture, toys and clothing from the prisons on October 3, 2014.)

Notice of election and polling information formally announced

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At 4:30pm on October 20, Cindy Bouchard Chief Election Officer for the City of Williams Lake announced the Notice of Election By Voting.

The nomination period for Mayor and Councillor ended on October 10, and the deadline for candidates to withdraw was October 17th – no withdrawals were received by the City.

The Notice included a list of candidates for four for Mayor, 12 candidates for City Councillor and two for School District Trustee in Zone 6, as well as polling place dates and times.

How to haunt a house, a sneak peek at the Potato House transformation

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After filling up Jazmyn Douillard's Pintrest page with Halloween décor ideas, of course Jordin Lautsch got 'shanghaied' into helping decorate Williams Lake's Potato House for the 1st Editions: Books and Toys sponsored haunted house on October 31.

1st Editions owner Jazmyn Douillard and Jordin were eight hours into decorating the quaint home at 49 Borland Street when Got News Network Inc. got a sneak peek tour on Monday afternoon, and it was already creepy-creepy-creepy.

The usual heritage charm of the Potato House has been transformed into something spooky and not for the faint of heart. "A while ago, we had one of the exterior doors open and one closed," smiles Jazmyn Doulliard. "Apparently, that causes the home to make this really weird noise. We both looked at each other kind of wide-eyed and shook it off," Jazmyn said dismissively, but the hair on everyone's arms stood up, nonetheless.

Click to see more photos inside the haunting of the Potato House.

Stabbing victim uncooperative with police

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Stabbing victim uncooperative with police, making arrest impossible

On October 18 at approximately 5:40pm, the Williams Lake RCMP were dispatched to a stabbing on Dodwell Street. Police attended and located two females and a male who was bleeding from the head and arm.

Paramedics were called and they transported the injured party to the hospital.

Due to lack of cooperation from the victim no arrests were made.

Stabbing victim won't help RCMP locate his attacker

Whitebark pine experiment takes aim at blister rust

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A unique tree-planting experiment by the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations started late this summer at Idaho Peak in the Kokanee Range of the Selkirk Mountains near New Denver.

Nearly 1,000 Whitebark pine seedlings were hand-planted by a six-person crew in the subalpine near the old wildfire lookout, high above Slocan Lake at an elevation of almost 2,300 metres.

The Whitebark pine is an endangered high-mountain tree. But, the seedlings planted at Idaho Peak may be resistant to the destructive white pine blister rust disease, which has killed or infected most Whitebark pines in the Selkirk Mountains.

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New distracted driving penalties in effect today

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Drivers advised to put their hand-held electronic devices away, as new penalties come in to play today.

Drivers are advised to put their hand-held electronic devices away, as the Province's new distracted driving penalties hit British Columbia roads and highways today. Now, anyone caught talking on a hand-held electronic device while driving is subject to three penalty points in addition to a $167 fine. This is the same penalty that was already in place for drivers caught texting or emailing.

The new penalty for using a hand-held electronic device covers infractions such as talking on, holding or dialing a cellular phone, operating a hand-held audio player (such as an iPod or mp3 player), or programming a GPS. Penalty points remain on a person's driving record for five years and can result in further sanctions, including prohibitions from driving. Of note, BC's distracted driving legislation also prohibits drivers in the Graduated Licensing Program from using any hands-free device.

RCMP Sergeant Hacker, in charge of the Cariboo-Chilcotin Traffic Services, says his department will not be stepping up enforcement any more than we they been. "However, this issue continues to be an emerging causative factor in collisions," he explains.  "Consequently, it remains a focal point for enforcement action."

The fall season is also a time to be aware that distraction is a top contributing factor for drivers in vehicle collisions that involve pedestrians. This is especially important to keep in mind as it becomes more difficult to see pedestrians in dark and poor weather conditions.

"The number of collisions involving the plethora of such devices may require a change in legislation to include more electronic devices and a wider definition of what is considered to be distracted," says Hacker. "Currently the definition is limited to a few devices and or activities."

Distracted driving is the second leading contributing factor of vehicle fatalities in B.C. The Province continues to look at increased fines for distracted driving as part of an overall fine structure review and work is underway to determine what an appropriate amount would be.


  • Drivers that accrue more than three points must pay an ICBC driver penalty point premium that starts at $175 and will escalate if they receive more points.
  • A driver who receives two distracted driving tickets in a year would pay $634, which is the cost of two fines and a $300 penalty for six points.
  • As points build on a person's driving record, the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles may also identify a driver as high-risk and monitor or prohibit them under the Driver Improvement Program.
  • High-risk drivers can receive administrative interventions ranging from warning letters, which say their driving record is being monitored, to prohibitions from driving.


Quick Facts:

  • Distracted driving is the second leading cause of vehicle fatalities in B.C. On average from 2009 to 2013, 88 people were killed due to inattention or distraction while driving each year, compared with 105 for speeding and 86 for driving affected by alcohol or drugs.
  • The provincial government, ICBC and police have partnered to remind British Columbians to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road. The recently launched distracted driving awareness campaign included television, radio and theatre ads, and encourages drivers to put their electronic devices away especially as winter weather approaches and driving conditions require extra care and attention.
  • In 2013, police issued 51,200 violation tickets to drivers who were using an electronic device.
  • Under the definition of using an electronic device, there is a complete ban on a driver:
    • Holding, operating, communicating or watching the screen of a hand-held electronic communication device.
    • Sending or receiving text messages or email on any type of electronic device.
    • Holding, operating, communicating or watching the screen of a hand-held electronic computing device, one of the purposes of which is to process or compute data.
  • As well, BC's distracted driving legislation prohibits drivers in the Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) from using hands-free devices.
  • Police can also issue tickets for driving without due care and attention, or driving without consideration, to drivers who are noticeably distracted or inattentive while operating a motor vehicle and making the road unsafe for other drivers, pedestrians, or cyclists.
  • Research shows five seconds of texting while driving at highway speeds is like driving blindfolded for almost the length of an entire football field.
  • Some drivers still do not understand that using an electronic device, such as talking on a cell phone or texting, while stopped at a red light is an offense under the MVA.
  • To avoid the temptation of using a cellphone, drivers can:
  • Make calls and send emails or texts before starting a vehicle.
  • Safely pull over and turn off the vehicle before using a personal electronic device.
  • During the duration of a trip, turn cellphones off or put them somewhere out of reach.
    • Let all calls go to voicemail.
    • Ask a passenger to make or receive calls or text messages




Williams Lake RCMP continue to battle auto theft

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RCMP in Williams Lake continue to battle auto theft. Just after 1:00am on October 18, Williams Lake RCMP responded to a complaint from a witness at Boston Pizza on Donald Road who stated that she had just observed someone breaking into a car. Officers searched the area for a suspect described as a native male, 5'9", wearing a white ball cap, black hoodie, and black pants.

The owner of the vehicle was located and an examination of the vehicle revealed that the ignition had been tampered with. Stolen out of the vehicle was a Samsung phone with a cracked screen, an FM transmitter, a power cable, and a pair of prescription Ray Ban sunglasses.

Chess tournament organizers made all the right moves

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Organizers report the Williams Lake LakeCity Open chess tournament that took place this past weekend was a success.

The playing room was at full capacity with 28 registered players, plus four unofficial games as parents participated in a mini tournament.

Organizer Scott Richardson has high praise for tournament supporters and sponsors, "We had fantastic support from Kathleen at SelfDesign, Mark at Red Shreds, Scott at Barking Spider, Brad at Safeway, Crystal at the Gecko Tree, Angela at the Open Book and the librarians at the Williams Lake library," he said. "Thanks too, to the people who postered the land."

To view pictures and see the results of the event you can visit

"Here's to more chess in the Cariboo," smiles Scott.